Pro Madden Esport Player Rages At Broken Madden 18 Gameplay

The EA Madden classic tournament was held this past weekend between October 20th through the 22nd. During the tournament some of the best Madden players in the world competed for a grand prize of $25,000. In one of the double elimination matches in the Madden Classic a pro player going by the gamertag “Kaus” had a complete meltdown when things didn’t go his way.

As you can see in the video shown, Kaus was in position to score while being down by two possessions in his madden 18 tournament game. Mid gameplay his QB Russell Wilson throws a basic 7 yard slant into the redzone only to have the WR not react to the perfectly thrown ball. These issues that tend to happen often in the broken game of Madden 18 shows that this game is no where near Esports ready.

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