Madden 18 Team Leaders To Be Released Very Soon

According to a new video, “Madden 18 Ultimate Team” Team Leaders will be released very soon. EA has made live team leaders in the auction house browser of Madden 18 Ultimate Team.

Team Leader Set Requirements:

Set requires 20 silver and 20 gold players from the team. When you complete the set, you get to pick from 4 players. You can repeat the set and get all 4 if desired. Looks like all 4 choices for each team are on the same side of the ball (for example, all 4 Vikings are defensive players, all 4 Chargers are offensive). Some cards are higher OVR from the core versions of the player, some are lower and OVRs vary by team. They all have a Team Leader chem. Although it was mentioned in a YT vid (I think it was KayKayEs), leaders will not be upgradeable (at least at launch)…

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