Confirmed Madden 18 Ultimate Team Elite Players and 4 New Legend Players In Madden 18

With the NFL season slowly coming up, Madden Season is just now beginning to pick up steam. Those who enjoy EA’s MUT mode will be happy to see below which NFL players will have elite versions on Madden 18 Ultimate Team when the game is released.

The picture provided by EA shows us a list of 1 Elite Card Player from every team in Madden 18 Ultimate Team. List of Madden 18 Ultimate Team Elite Players:

On top of seeing a preview of which players will start with elite cards in Madden 18 Ultimate Team below you can also see below a list of 4 confirmed Legend Players that will be in madden 18 ultimate team. The list includes Madden 18 Legend Barry Sanders, Madden 18 Legend Ray Lewis, Madden 18 Legend Deion Sanders, and Madden 18 Legend Jerry Rice.

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